• When You Start a New Australian Wine Cellar

    Wine cellaring can be rewarding as well as an arduous pursuit. It is not just the wine that will cost you, but the wine cellar, temperature maintenance, and development tracking as well. Seeing your Australian wine bottle ageing with a maturing taste with every passing year is something worth relishing. It also builds a cherishing connection between your wine and your love for it. You will know if you like it fresh and energetic or finely matured. Maybe you would like to stay somewhere in the middle ground.


    Australian wine


    Also, you must take all the important precautions before developing your own wine cellar. Most of the features can only be maintained under strict temperatures and restricted light. Anything unbalanced will make your wine taste unnatural leading to the un-pleasurable collection. Below are some features to be taken into consideration when starting your own precious inventory of wines.


    Australian wine


    Steady Temperature – Australian Wine

    A maturing wine in bottle likes very restricted and well-measured exposure to oxygen, which is permitted through its cork. This is because a wine cork is more like a hard sponge which allows some amount of mixture between wine and air oxygen.

    Humidity – Rich Wine

    A respectable moisture in and out of cork keeps it guarded against temperature related flaws. The wine bottles must be stored either upside down or in a horizontal fashion. This way, your wine will keep in touch with humidity around. It is because of this reason, the cork should remain fairly humid.

    Lighting – Red Wine

    A vulnerable wine to UV light can be hugely damaged. A dark brown bottle is used to protect your wine against any possible exposure to light. In fact, the artificial sources like LED or tinted bulbs can damage the wine contents. Even those artificial sources, develop a certain amount of heat which is not very good for the standard temperature of your wine.

    If you have thought about it, just don’t fret too much about the storing space. Start with three good bottles and gradually buy two more, when you feel like. In case, you don’t find it fascinating anymore, you will have very few bottles to finish. However, that happens quite rarely with a graciously maturing wine.